Ed Sheeran 来日公演事務局
(Ed Sheeran Japan Tour Office)

▼Please be sure to check before contacting us.

◆チケットのお申し込みにつきまして(For ticket orders)
Ticket orders are not accepted by e-mail.
Please check the website for information on how to apply for tickets
and the application period before applying.

◆発券開始日につきまして(Regarding the start date of ticketing)
We will inform you about the ticket issue date as soon as they are determined on the official website.
Please wait for the information.
*Tickets cannot be confirmed on the AnyPASS app before ticketing begins.

■Ed Sheeran来日公演特設サイト
(Ed Sheeran Japan Tour official website)
*We will update the special site with any information we can provide.
 Please also check the FAQ in the official site.

*Please note that we may not be able to reply to you depending
 on the nature of your question.

参加(予定)日程(Planned Day of Attendance)
メールアドレス(Email Address)
確認用メールアドレス(Confirm Email Address)

◆メール受信拒否設定をしている場合は、  「@user-support.jp」よりメールが届くよう変更・解除してください。

Ed Sheeran 来日公演事務局
営業時間 平日10:00~17:00

◆If you do not receive a response, please check your e-mail settings to ensure you can receive e-mails sent from "@user-support.jp".
◆Please note that it may take more time to respond to your inquiry.
◆Responses will be sent on weekdays, in the order received.
◆Unauthorized re-use or public posts of inquiry responses is strictly prohibited.
◆Please note, we cannot guarantee a response to all inquiries.

Ed Sheeran Japan Tour Office
Hours of operation: Weekdays Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.